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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Painting 2 - Lemon

Title -Peeled Lemon
Size- 4"x 6"
Medium - Oil on Masonite
Work Time - 3 hrs.

Today's painting is of a lemon I bought and partially peeled. I prepared it and set it up next to my painting palette. It was finished in one sitting using wet on wet technique (about 3 hrs.).

Remember the photos here are just bad snapshots of the wet paintings.

I plan on creating one more fruit related painting before I choose some other subject matter.


  1. Amazing. I love this one--the composition of the painting leads one's eye through the painting in a wonderful way.

  2. Well put Beth. It really is great art, the way you take an every day object and turn it into art is so original yet unique.

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