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Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting 6: "Oregon-grape"

Today when deciding what to paint, I went out in my yard looking for something that was alive despite the winter weather. The Oregon-grape is doing just fine, and I was amazed by it's red, green and brown coloration.

Size of Painting: 4"x 6"
Medium: Oil on Masonite
Approach: alla prima (wet on wet in one sitting), no drawing, no underpainting, direct observation (no photos), self-imposed time limit.

Here is an extreme close-up of my brush strokes and palette knife work on this painting.

I hold the little painting here above my palette.

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  1. Oh, my word...I'm in awe.

    Thank you for sharing these amazing works here.

    Absolutely amazing.

  2. wow..it looks like real leaves resting on a post card...your detail is remarkable.