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Saturday, September 22, 2012

"The Dude" cowboy log carving by Turrell

I just finished my cowboy log carving. It has taken more time then I imagined, but it has been a lot of fun. I plan on continuing with my carving. The physicality of it is very satisfying. I currently have a book cover commission, so my sights will be set on completing that before I choose another wood sculpture project.

He is freshly oiled, and will not be as glossy when the oil dries. He will have a nice tasteful satin finish when he is dry. This carving smells so good; the oils in my finish recipe along with the smell of pine are great.

His final measurements are: Height - 4' feet, Shoulder -14" wide, Base - 20" wide.

 Click this photo to see his whole face...

I spent the most time on his face and hands. The pine log,
 that I cut myself from fallen timber on private land, was
very wet when I started this project nine months ago, and
 dried throughout the process of carving. I used a chainsaw
 to rough him out, and some electric tools to remove
 excess material. I worked a lot with traditional chisels
 and gouge chisels large and small. I even used a small
 ax at some stages of the wood sculpture.

I did some hand sanding with fine grit paper to give it a
 velvety feel, even though it is still very textured on its surface.

I am not a "country" type of a person. If you knew me,
 you might wonder why I chose this subject matter and
 spent nine months chipping away at "The Dude", as I like to call him.

Well, I've got no answer for you.

 He fits the medium, and I just wanted to test myself.
My hope is he finds a home where he is appreciated and cared for.