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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wood Spirit, Celtic Green Man - log carving

He is 4 feet, 2 inches tall. The top of his head and crown is hollowed out to hold a planting pot if one so desires. The entire core of the log is hollowed to cut the weight of the carving and stabilize the wood structure and internal pressures.

WHAT?    The “Green Man” is an ancient symbol representing a number of ideas and warnings to its viewers.  He can represent the coming of summer, the sun, rebirth, overindulgence, fertility; he was thought to have protective functions, often found above doors.  I have chosen a calm, wise rendition of this ancient symbol using oak leaves and acorns in the Celtic tradition.  This is, in the end, just art but I designed him to “protect” his owner’s home, garden and property. Enjoy.

WHERE?    His wide range of likeness has been spotted all over the world, in common society and in great architecture.  I’ve read he’s been found in cathederals, churches, Celtic sculpture, Roman sculpture, England, Whales, Scotland, Hindu temples in India, Nepal, Borneo, Malaysia… (Pesznecker, 2007)

HOW?    Wood, steel and fire (including blood and sweat- literally) went into the making of this sculpture. Everything from power tools to the finest hand tools had an opportunity to remove wood.  I tinted the frontal portion of this art with oil based art products, all with longevity in mind. The entire log absorbed an amazing amount of fine wood oil.


  1. How beautiful. I loved your explanations, and the detail of this carving is exquisite.

  2. That is a very fine piece of art, Bleu.