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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dragon Pendant - pyrography on a deer antler base

Deer Antler Dragon Pendant - For Sale
I burned a little dragon into the base of a deer antler. The antler was given to me, and I was curious about how it would burn and react to the extreme heat. I liked the ruffled edge of the base, so I used a fine saw to remove it from the antler. I sanded, polished, drilled and tinted the antler piece before adding the artwork. I always draw before I burn, then erase any remaining pencil marks.

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Pendant is available FOR SALE

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Angry Owl - large steel sculpture from auto parts

 My friend Steve and I collaborated once more on a metal sculpture made of trash; this time named "Angry Owl". Owl is constructed of steel parts from automobiles. Over the last year or so I have been collecting metal working and welding tools; with these, nothing held us back. We cut, welded, bent and ground Owl to life.
We collected all our own metal parts, but we constructed Owl at Pakit in Bend, Oregon. We were part of Pakit's last Earth Day "Trashformation" celebration. He's got Angry Orchard bottle cap pupils, gears for irises, exhaust tips and transmission slip rings for sockets. His body is a large muffler. We cut up and ground feather designs in a car hood for the wings and tail.
 Owl is currently parked at the Bend Environmental Center next to his buddy "Sinister Fish". Both sculptures are developing beautiful patina and rust patterns. Both sculptures can rotate independent of their base, so they are in a slightly different position every time I visit.

The Bend Environmental Center is on Kansas Avenue. Both works are right in front near the road.
Both Owl & Fish are looking for a permanent home.

Friday, September 26, 2014

"Tree of Life" 1 & 2 - Camel Bone Pyrography

Here is one of my "Tree of Life" designs burned into a bit of camel bone. Below you can see the process of drilling and shaping, and then drawing on the substrate before I work with my burner. It takes a VERY hot burner to make marks in bone.
Here is a second "Tree of Life" pendant. I have a method of giving the bone an antique look near the end of the process. I also apply a thin clear coat to seal the piece.
Here is a detail of my trunk and branches burning work on the pendant. Enjoy. There will be more to come.

Both of these Pendants are SOLD

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Juniper Faery Pendant - pyrography

This faery character is burned into a round of Juniper that I cut and dried. I sketched her face and then burned her in. Juniper smells a lot like Cedar as it burns. I pierced a hole for a cord, and finished the back with a solid dark flat pattern.

 I penetrated deep into the wood in areas to create a nice relief effect around her face and in her hair. My burner can get so hot, it nearly vaporizes the wood creating a hard shell-like finish. She is as nice to feel as she is to look at.

For more of my Fairy Artwork go to http://www.turrellart.com

This Pendant is availble FOR SALE

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pyrography - little dragon

 This little pendant is made from a cross section of a branch from a Juniper tree. I cut it, sanded it and used my burner to create this bit of wooden jewelry. I currently have it hanging on my wall. I will be bring you several more pyrography projects in the coming days.